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I get it. It doesn't matter what I say about the More Than PT approach at Performance Physio. Of course I believe in it or I wouldn't be offering this service. Instead of taking my word for it, check out what some of the great people I have had the opportunity to work with and help have to say about Performance Physio.

I am a mom of 2 and former college athlete. I was struggling to fully recover from ACL reconstruction 2 years ago. Going to see Dr. Palmer was one of the best decisions I’ve made for myself. I had lost all hope that I’d ever be able to do what I wanted again without any knee pain. After just a few appointments I was blown away by the progress and major improvements I was making. I really appreciate the one on one time and how attentive he was to all of my needs and concerns. My injury will no longer be able to control my life, and I am super thankful for Performance Physio for that. I strongly recommend Dr. Palmer for any PT needs you may have.


I have been having neck, shoulder pain and tightness, arm pain and an impingement problem for about 7 months. I tried muscle relaxers, chiropractic, massage but nothing helped long term. Then a friend recommended Kyle Palmer, doctor of physical therapy at Performance Physio to me. I decided to give it a try. WOW! After the first visit he gave me 3 simple exercises to do at home. He even videos himself doing your exercises and sends them to you to make sure you are doing them correctly. So I started doing them every day and the pain was getting better. I've seen him 3 times now and I'm almost pain free and still doing the home exercises. The best part is he spends an entire hour with you, 1:1, addressing your pain and what will work for you....not some cookie cutter exercises for shoulder pain, neck pain etc. He really puts thought into you as an individual. I'll go one more time next week and he'll give me stuff to do at home as needed. 4 visits and I'm done.....not 3 times a week for 6 weeks! 4 visits!! I can't recommend Dr. Palmer enough!



When I had my first appointment I was skeptical that I would be able to regain full range of motion. I had been in pain for so long I had succumb to the fact that it may have become the new normal. I am beyond happy and relieved to have full range of motion back and am adding things back into my life that used to be “normal”. There are so many things that made my experience with Dr. Palmer better than what I’d been taught to expect from PT, the most important to me being that my entire appointment was with my doctor. I’m extremely grateful to have access to good doctors and treatment, and Dr. Palmer is one of the ones I hold in high regard.



Kyle takes the time to listen and does a thorough investigation of what is going wrong to make sure that your recovery starts right away. He will also teach you how to prevent future injuries. In my 100mi training program, I went from being unsure if I was going to destroy my body and not make it through the program to now successfully completing long back to back runs pain free. I am so grateful!



I’m glad I went to Performance Physio! 3 visits and my pain is pretty much gone! I will be canceling my appointment with the pain clinic!



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