Meet Dr. Kyle Palmer

I have been involved with human movement and performance my entire life. I had an active childhood playing various sports, spending time outside riding bikes, playing on our small farm, and enjoying the outdoors with hiking and hunting. My childhood set a foundation of enjoying physical activity. From an early age I knew that I wanted to help people enjoy movement and performance so I started my career as a basketball coach.


I got my first coaching job at a small middle school less than one year after graduating high school (I was closer in age to my players than their parents). I continued my coaching career for 15 years working my way up to the college level where I served as an assistant coach at colleges all over the country. I was fortunate to be part of many successful programs winning a National Championship and multiple Conference Championships. Helping my athletes improve their movement and performance both on the gym floor and in the weight room eventually led me to pursue Physical Therapy as a new career.


While in Physical Therapy school I continued to have a vision of working with individuals (not just athletes) to help them move and perform better in all their activities. I want the people I worked with to experience the same feeling of success and accomplishment that my athletes felt when they made improvements. After working in a “traditional” Physical Therapy clinic I found that the current model of health care makes it nearly impossible for me to provide the kind of improvement and patient experience I was hoping to provide.


In the “traditional” model of Physical Therapy I was required to see multiple patients every hour. I was spending 15-20 minutes with each patient, then sending them off to do exercises or modalities with assistive personnel. I was unable to spend the time I felt was necessary to achieve the best results. On the rare occasion that I would have some cancellations on my schedule and would have the ability to spend more time with one individual patient we always seemed to have greater improvement, or discover the “missing” element that led to the results they wanted. It was this experience that led to me starting Performance Physio. I now have the freedom to work with patients in a manner that allows me to fully use my skills and training to help people achieve their goals as quickly as possible.


My goal while working with you at Performance Physio is to get you back to the things you love to do, or would like to do. I fully believe that the human body was made to perform, and has an amazing ability to adapt and improve no matter your age or situation. The human body is not “fragile” or “broken", you are not “too old”, and should not have to give up the things you enjoy because of pain or restriction. Once you decide to work together with me, I will listen, value your time, communicate, educate, and create a plan specific for you to help you achieve or even surpass your goals. 


Get started today on a new journey of pain free activity, movement, and performance.

Doctor of Physical Therapy - University of Montana         Masters in Education - Walsh University        Bachelors Degree - Boise State University    

What Others Are Saying

"Excellent experiences so far! Can’t wait to see all of the progress that I make! Kyle is great and will open your eyes to new and improved ways of doing things! Can already tell I’m getting stronger after 2 visits. Check them out!"

- Jansen

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